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The Canadians over at Dreams Video are here with their aptly named second movie,  Dreams II Reality.  It’s a clean video with a bunch of homie handrail snowboarding, and more. Check it out. Featuring Kevin Dzah, Samuel Currie, Kody Yarosloski, Michael Hoy, and David Joncas. Watch More of the Latest Snowboarding Videos Here Sign Up For Our Newsletter Subscribe to SNOWBOARDER’s Newsletter to receive stories like this straight to your inbox. Success! Thank you for signing up. Your information has been successfully processed! Sound off in the comments below! Join the conversation LATEST NEWS Travis Rice Launches The Natural Selection Tour! A New Tour is Launching in Competitive Snowboarding... From Travis Rice! Fake Snow—Cees Wille Full Part A full part from one of snowboarding’s most notable Dutchmen! X Games Aspen 2020 Switches to Jam Format—Day 1 Recap A Japan sweep, Scotty James, and more from Day 1 at X Games. Arthur Longo x Blake Paul iPhone Full Part iPhone IGTV full parts are on the upwards trend. Jaeger Bailey Remembered, 1993-2019 Snowboarding lost one of the most authentic individuals to ever strap in. Future Product: 13 2020 Snowboards We Liked Riding at the Copper Mountain Demo We tried out a grip of new boards to see what the future holds for 2020. Gear // Feb 7, 2019 How to Set Up Your Snowboard Bindings with Danny Kass Your stance on a snowboard should be about shoulder width, with approximately 15... Aug 14, 2018 How To: Set Up Your Stance Get it done before the season even starts. Grab a screwdriver, a tape measure, an... Burton Step On: A Critical Review of a New Step-In Snowboard Binding System TransWorld SNOWboarding's managing editor provides an in-depth, honest, and... Dec 19, 2016.
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Full movie inspire: the dreams live on iphone. Full movie inspire: the dreams live on earth. Full movie inspire: the dreams live on guitar. Full Movie INSPIRE: The Dreams life on the road. Artist: The Weeknd Album: Beauty Behind the Madness Release Date: August 28, 2015 Listen: Spotify | Apple --- Who is The Weeknd? Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, is a Canadian artist who has been making music since 2010 and is one of the biggest artists from this past decade ( Number 14 according to Billboard to be exact). His career started off through him dropping a few songs on Youtube under his now known stage name, that gained attention from various music outlets (including popheads favourite Pitchfork) which lead to the release of his first mixtape House of Balloons that was critically acclaimed. He eventually gained the attention of Drake (who got him to contribute to his album Take Care in 2011) and many major record labels (finally signing with Republic Records) and since then his popularity has only skyrocketed all over the world. Initially known for his brooding alternative R&B style and his emotional drug and sex fuelled lyrics, the Weeknd has since then expanded his horizons to incorporate a more pop and electronic style in his music as well by collaborating with producers such as Max Martin and Daft Punk, but still never shying away from his roots in some songs. --- The Journey to Beauty Behind the Madness Prior to 2015, The Weeknd was still a relatively unknown artist to the general public but had significant following in the music hemisphere due to the critical success of his Trilogy mixtapes (House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence) and his debut studio album Kiss Land. At this point in time, I still did not know who The Weeknd was since all I listened to was top 40 music and whatever music videos were trending on Youtube, like the basic teenage I was. After dropping Kiss Land which debuted number 2 on the Billboard Top 200, The Weeknd went on to contribute to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack on two tracks; The Devil May Cry ( which I am totally not listening to for the first time while writing this) and the original version of Elastic Heart with Sia. He dropped a few other songs/covers around this time including his fantastic cover of Drunk in Love as well as King of the Fall (released prior to the King of the Fall Tour). Finally on July 31 2014, he dropped the lead single of BBTM which was Often. Shortly after that single dropped he collaborated with one of my other favourite artists on the song Love Me Harder with Ariana Grande (honestly a top 5 favourite song for me). This ended up being his first top 10 song on the charts and was his first big break into the mainstream. Not too long after at the end of 2014, The Weeknd released Earned It which was the lead single from the infamous 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack (Earned It also ended up being part of BBTM). This was the song that made him more of a household name as it peaked at number 3 on the charts, was nominated for an Oscar and won him his first Grammy (alongside him winning a Grammy for BBTM in the Urban Contemporary catergory). At this point I had heard of him because of this song but I did not care for it particularly at the time. Following Earned It, The Weeknd released The Hills which ended up being his first number one single. This ended up being arguably his biggest hit and his only song to go Diamond (it went 10x Platinum in 2019). Following The Hills, he released Can't Feel My Face and this one-two punch of singles catapulted him into being one of the most popular male artists of this decade. --- Track by Track Real Life Kicking off the album we have Real Life, a dramatic mid tempo song about The Weeknd's hesitancy to commit to a relationship and how he would rather be alone. "Mama called me destructive, said it'd ruin me one day", "Cause every woman that loved me, I seemed to push them away" he laments about his lack of desire to fall in love or even accept love from another woman. This song definitely plays into the same themes his has talked about in the past and I think it's a solid opening to the album that sets the tone properly, although it is personally not one of my standouts. The production I throughly enjoy though and it the ying to Earned It's yang (similar yet polar opposites). Losers (feat. Labrinth) Losers I have felt has always been an underrated track in The Weeknd's discography. In this song he makes allusions about dropping out of high school to pursue his dreams of making music and talks about he managed to make it in the world by relying on himself rather than on others. It's a nice change of pace from his other songs and having Labrinth's fingerprints throughout the song (he helped write and produce it on top of his feature) makes it unique. I love the jazzy elements that he brings into the song and I think the bridge is one of the strongest on the album. Tell Your Friends The third track on the album (also known as the one that Kanye West helped produced) is a braggadocios song about how The Weeknd is now living a life full of fame and he does not shy away about what it's like. It's sort of the precursor to Starboy, however I would say this track is a little darker. In an interview that Abel did with Pitchfork, he talks about how Kanye used Devil in a New Dress from MBDTF as a reference and inspiration while working on this song which makes a lot of sense as they both have a similar style and lyrical content. This song has a very chill vibe to it and showcases a different side to the Weeknd musically compared to other songs on this album; with more rapping and less vocal acrobatics. Often Often is the Weeknd at his usual self; getting with girls and having sex. However, this song in my opinion is one of the biggest bangers that he has done (along with following track on this album). One of my favourite parts of this song is the sample of the song "Ben Sana Vurgunum" sung by Turkish singer Nükhet Duru, which plays in the background of the entire song but most prominently at the beginning and end of the song. I think it's one of the most effective samples I've heard in recent memory and allows the song to stand out greatly. The Hills The Hills is one of the biggest bangers of this decade in my opinion and it also happens to be The Weeknd's most popular song of all time so far (number 31 on the decade end list from Billboard). This song I think is the perfect blend of trap and pop and is one of the few songs in his discography that is loved equally by casual listeners, critics and long time fans. It's definitely one of my favourite songs by him that I will never get sick of, and the fact that this song is rumoured to be about one of my other favourite artists, Ariana Grande, is a juicy tidbit that makes the lyrics in the song even more fascinating to listen to. Acquainted Acquainted originally started off as a leaked song called Girls Born in the 90's, but was reworked a lot before being included on the album (I personally haven't heard the original leak but a lot of fans prefer the original leak to the actual song). This song is probably one of my favourite non-singles from the album as it is low key slaps and has fantastic production (one of the best on the album imo). The production is quite unique and I think this song is a good representation of how Abel combines his old style with a newer sound. Can't Feel My Face Although Earned It and The Hills were the songs that made him blow up, this is the song that made him a household name. This is song your mom, dad and grandparents will bop to when they hear, even though they have no clue what it is actually about (hint: it rhymes with propane). This is also song that made me a fan of the Weeknd so no matter what it will always hold a special place in my heart. As a person who is usually drawn to songs with catchy production before lyrical content, this caught my ear straight away the first time I heard it. The second thing that caught my attention was how much this guy sounded like Michael Jackson, who I was a fan of at the time. This song convinced me to check out the rest of his work and eventually even purchase this album through iTunes. Shameless Shameless I think is another one of the more underrated tracks on the album. A mid tempo song with a plucky acoustic guitar sound (that turns into electric guitar towards the end), this isn't your typical Max Martin produced song (yes it is produced by him). The first time I heard this song, it definitely stood out since it wasn't really like anything else on the album and I think it has grown to be one of my other favourite non-singles from the album. I would definitely love to see The Weeknd do more stripped down and simplistic songs like this in the future. Earned It This is the song that allowed the Weeknd to blow up, so I guess we can thank 50 Shades of Grey for something after all these years. Originally featured on the soundtrack for that movie, this song was added because why not boost your albums sales. This has never been a favourite of mine, but I absolutely love the orchestral strings and his voice on the song. It's mesmerizing for sure. In the Night The sister song to Can't Feel My Face, this song was also produced by Max Martin and it is also one of my favourite songs by him of all time. Just like Can't Feel My Face, the Weeknd sings about a dark subject (an abused girl who uses stripping/dancing as a form of escape from the pain she has received) over an upbeat catchy beat that is classic Max Martin produced stuff from around this time. This song I think is the perfect pop song, with a great build up, bombastic chorus and some of his best MJ-esque vocals. Songs like this are what sold me as a fan, and this song is probably the best starting point for those pop music fans who want to get into his music (if one of this subs favourite main pop girls did this song, they would be raving about it for years and years). As You Are This is in point in the album where the songs go from mostly bops to more mid tempo music. As You Are is a song about two broken people in love who are destined to fail and break each other hearts instead. The song has two parts to it essentially, and the second half of this song is haunting beautiful and has some of my favourite vocals from the album. It's still probably my least favourite song on here though, although it is not bad by any means at all. Dark Times (feat. Ed Sheeran) Dark Times is an interesting song on this album, as I would have never expected him to do a song with Ed Sheeran but yet it still works really well. It's a dark, drug infused acoustic jam session that somehow ended up being recorded. The song in fact was written in full the day after they partied together one night. I think this is one of the most underrated songs from both their discographies and I really appreciate how they blended their styles together to create this song. Prisoner (feat. Lana Del Rey) The song is the first of multiple collaborations with Lana Del Rey, who the Weeknd calls one of his inspirations in his music (the monologue from Lonely Star on the Thursday mixtape was inspired by Lana). Out of the collabs they have done so far, this one is probably my favourite. The Weeknd and Lana both sing about their addiction to fame and what it has cost them to get there, and how they are now a prisoner to their decision of the life they have chosen. They have great vocal chemistry and give the song an eerie but darkly luxurious style to the song. Angel Beauty Behind the Madness closes out with Angel, which is a dramatic 80's inspired power ballad. This song is a beautiful and somewhat heartbreaking closer. Abel talks about how he found somebody to love who brings him light, yet he can't seem to commit because of this life his lives; a dangerously empty life as he puts it. He hopes she finds someone else to love if it were not meant to be and these lines sung alongside a choir are absolutely haunting and gorgeous. I think it's a solid closing song and is a hopeful yet heartbreaking way to touch upon the themes of love and fame that are throughout this album. --- Final Thoughts Although this album may not be as emotional and personal as his previous albums/mixtapes, I think Beauty Behind The Madness is the keystone of Abel's transition from a mysterious 'underground' artist to a pop star unlike any other. If it weren't for songs I heard on the radio or on Youtube that were from this album, I would have not discovered this wonderfully talented artist and have checked out the rest of his work. As his discography has grown and evolved into a more pop sound (which some original fans did not love as much), I think he has stilled stayed true to himself in his music. Sure, songs like Can't Feel My Face and In The Night may be his most accessible work to date but there is no one else big in the industry right now I feel could pull off those songs. The fact he has never shied away from the same lyrical topics and dark undertones he has always talked about even if his sound has changed is a feat only he could have pulled off. And this album was just the beginning of the journey into him exploring more new sounds from many genres and executing it like no other person in the game right now. --- Questions What do you think about this album? Where would you rank it amongst the rest of his work? Have your thoughts changed on this album since its release? What were your initial thoughts when this project came out? What are your favourite songs and why? Are you happy with the direction The Weeknd took after this album? What type of sound do you like the most from him? If you read all of this, thanks for your time, I love you and also go stream Blinding Lights!

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Full Movie INSPIRE: The Dreams live in london. Full movie inspire 3a the dreams live on html. Full Movie INSPIRE: The Dreams Live online. Full movie inspire: the dreams live on lyrics. What with all the lovely discussions we're having this week, I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is and shill some books! Here are 55 SFF (or SFF adjacent) books I really enjoyed this year, with mini reviews for each. (Of the books I read this year, 53% were SFF, 31% were non-fiction, and 16% were non-SFF fiction, so I'll only be talking about the books that fall under or adjacent to the SFF umbrella. ) Books are grouped roughly by theme and ranked, with 1 being my absolute favorite of each group. Feel free to ask which bingo squares any of them qualify for, or which rankings you agree or disagree with! And with that, on to the books! Count by Numbers Five Twelfths of Heaven by Melissa Scott. Space ship pilots navigate space using eldritch singing magic! For anyone hankering for an original and engaging sci-fi adventure with the feel of an old classic. The Seventh Bride by T. Kingfisher. A young girl is threatened with marriage to an evil sorcerer unless she can achieve a series of impossible tasks. For fans of fairy tales, clever protagonists, and a narrative that rewards goodness and kindness. Also, clocks. King's Blood Four & Necromancer Nine by Sheri Tepper. A traditional coming of age fantasy story of a young man with powers based on a chess-like game. Then the sequel proceeds to get really, really weird. For fans of rules-based magic systems and secret sci-fi. Six Gun Snow White by Cat Valente. Snow White is a runaway in the wild west. You could cut the prose with a knife. It is all very Valente. For fans of beautiful prose and shooting the patriarchy. Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City by KJ Parker. Not-Byzantium is besieged, and a harried imperial engineer has to ensure that the walls hold. For anyone irritated when other writers ignore issues of food rations and never answer how in the hell the armies are getting paid. Things Go Wrong in Space To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers. A group of four scientists survey a series of planets for signs of life. For those that love the wonder of science and exploration and harbor a deep love of humanity. The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling. A cave diver on an alien planet is alone save for the voice of her guide in her ear and the creeping suspicion that she is not alone in the cave system. For fans of The Descent, claustrophobia in general, and those terrifying longline articles about spelunking and scuba diving disasters. Do You Dream of Terra Two? by Temi Oh. A group of maladjusted teenagers launch on a lifetime mission and slowly come to terms with the act that they'll never see Earth again. For fans of character-driven stories, existentialism, and people that wonder what happens after the cameras turn off. Salvation Day by Kali Wallace. Followers of a charismatic cult leader are sent to hijack an abandoned space ship, not realizing it was abandoned For A Reason. For fans of the Alien franchise and World War Z. Alien: Echo by Mira Grant. Twins (because Mira Grant) on a colony planet come across something big and bitey. Things go downhill from there. For fans of Alien and all other space horror classics. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley. A soldier signs up to fight aliens, and repeatedly gets beamed to different drop sites than the rest of the platoon. For fans of The Forever War and The Seven and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. The Archive of Alternate Endings by Lindsay Drager. The story of Hansel and Gretel is told and retold in sync with flybys of Halley's comet and in the shadow of the AIDS epidemic. For people that want to cry about brothers and sisters, and people that think telecommunications satellites are underrated narrators. Middlegame by Seanan McGuire: Twins (because Seanan McGuire) use the power of numbers and language to maybe end the world? For fans of chess metaphors and The Wizard of Oz. Silently and Very Fast by Cat Valente. An AI has complicated feelings about its creators. For fans of poetic language and trippy dreamscapes. The Time Traders by Andre Norton. A plucky American lad competes with The Soviets to find alien artifacts in a prehistoric landscape. For fans of good clean fun, bromances, and outsmarting those gosh darn Ruskies. Sequels and Threequels The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden. Vasya’s story concludes in this beautiful homage to Russian fairytales. For people that have feelings about the interplay between Russian mythology, Christianity, and womanhood. Also for people that find ice demon kings really hot. The Dragon Republic by RF Kuang. The not-Chinese-Civil-War continues, Rin struggles with opium addiction, and everyone involved continues to make terrible life choices. For fans of grimdark and class consciousness. Grey Sister, Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence. Ninja assassin nuns continue to do ninja assassin nun things. For fans of vicious teenage girls and badass magic fights. The Wicked King by Holly Black. Jude and Cardan continue to scheme over the throne of Faerie while sniping viciously at each other. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. After vanquishing the Big Bad and subsequently getting depression, Simon Snow's friends drag him to America on a vacation that promptly goes wrong. For fans of roadtrips, people that hate Valley tech-bro culture, and people that wonder what happens after the final battle. Everyone Involved Needs Therapy The Test by Sylvain Neuvel. A man sits down to take his UK citizenship test, and everything goes to hell. For fans of Black Mirror. The Devil's Diadem by Sara Douglass. A medieval woman is caught up in a plague sent from hell itself in a battle for a lost artifact. For fans of seriously dysfunctional romantic relationships, medieval books that feel medieval, and crying. The Winter Prince by Elizabeth Wein. Mordred has a terrible relationship with his mother, father, and brother in post-Roman Britain. For fans of seriously dysfunctional familial relationships, second-person, and period-accurate Arthuriana. The Birthgrave by Tanith Lee. Woman that may be a demon or a goddess wanders around a vast and ruined world making terrible relationship choices. For fans of unsympathetic protagonists and those weird landscapes in the last Mad Max movie. Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma. A young boy imagines the dragon sleeping beneath his sleepy village and attempts to ignore the tensions between the adults of the family. For everyone who's ever wanted to level their hometown. Diverse Representation They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera. In a world where citizens are warned that their life will end in the next 24 hours, two strangers set out to make their last day count. Spoiler: they both die at the end. If you want YA with a heart, and also want to sob on the bus. The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie. Hamlet retold by a rock in second person. For fans of: Hamlet, rocks, second person narratives. Pyre at the Eyreholme Trust by Lin Darrow. An ink mage falls in with a gangster with fire powers in this rollicking romance. For fans of 1920s slang and fast paced UF. Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice. Members of the Anishinaabe tribe in northern Canada contend with the end of the world. For fans of survival stories, dystopias, and the slow horror of winter setting in. Temper by Nicky Drayden. In an alternate-universe Cape Town, all people are born as twins, with each of the seven deadly sins given to one of the two. For fans of magical schools, demons, and plot twists. Weird, Grubby Girls The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Cat Valente. A delightfully weird girl finds her way to fairyland, where she encounters creatures both diverse and strange, to include bicycle herds, a wyvern/library hybrid, and a breeze leopard. For fans of whimsy, wonder, and Alice in Wonderland. Also Rothfuss loved it, if you're a fan of his. Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge. A weird, grubby little girl (because Hardinge), her homicidal goose, and the con-man she's attached herself too accidentally get embroiled in a succession crisis. For fans of political intrigue, clever wordplay, and the Untitled Goose Game. Dead Voices by Katherine Arden. A gaggle of children are trapped in a haunted ski lodge and must fight to survive both freezing temperatures and malevolent spirits. For fans of Goosebumps and people that think Hunting Lodge chic is an underutilized horror aesthetic. Verdigris Deep by Frances Hardinge. Grubby girls AND grubby boys find an eldritch power lurking in a well that grants wishes in terrible ways. For fans of fractured fairy tales. Wilder Girls by Rory Power. Students at a quarantined girls' school slowly succumb to terrible mutations. For people that know teenage girls are kind of awful, and also like body horror. Soft or Spooky +Plants Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss. A modern working-class family travels into the wild to experience life as the ancient Britons did, and Things Go Wrong. For fans of Actual Historical Accuracy and Eldritch Rituals (Technically not SFF but it's my list and I do what I want). The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge. A weird, grubby little girl (because Hardinge) comes across a sinister tree that feeds on lies. For fans of paleontology, Early Modern natural philosophers, and the grim romanticism of isolated seaside villages. Tehanu by Ursula K LeGuin: The Wizard Ged, retired from magic, moves to a sleepy village with the widow Tenar and a horribly abused child. They herd their flocks, tend to their gardens, and will probably make you cry. For people tired of teenage heroes and epic battles. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. A delightful tale of a sleepy town, a magical apple tree, and two sisters with magical powers that learn to allow themselves to love again. For fans of baking and second chances. Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn. The bastard daughter of a noble house spends summers surrounded by the nobility as she grows to adulthood. For fans of gentle, slice-of-life fantasy, and kind, caring, Hufflepuff-to-the-bone heroes. Ye Olden Times Sir Gawain and the Green Night by Anonymous, trans. Simon Armitage. A stalwart and true knight ventures into the wilds to defeat his foe, ends up chilling in a strange castle and getting hit on by his host's wife. For fans of beautiful prose, desolate landscapes, and pre-modern bros being bros (also the audiobook is amazing! ) Bakkhai by Euripides, trans. Anne Carson. A man spurns Dionysus, and the god takes it upon himself to teach him a lesson. For fans of divine madness and women going full on feral in the woods. The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. An infernal bureaucrat directs his bumbling protege on how to secure the soul of a young man living in London during the Blitz. For fans of meditations on Christianity and anyone that has ever hated their office supervisors. Jirel of Joiry by CL Moore. A very fierce barbarian princess barbarians her way through a series of weird, lovingly described landscapes. For fans of enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers and weird, eldritch, trippy shit. (Also, a key inspiration for Tamora Pierce's Alanna! ) The Tain by Anonymous, trans. Ciaran Carson. A bunch of Irish warriors drink a lot and fight over a cow. Not just any cow. A really sexy cow. For people that enjoy the warrior lists in the Illiad and also listening to their drunk friends talk about how great they are. SFF-Adjacent Nonfiction An Informal History of the Hugos by Jo Walton. An in-depth look at every year of the hugo awards from the very beginning. Wonderful for giving a sense of perspective to the genre and an understanding of what led to our current fiction trends. For people that want to add 100+ books to their TBR piles. Words are My Matter by Ursula K. LeGuin. Sometimes moving, sometimes insightful, always beautiful essays by a master of the craft. For fans of everything fantasy. Appropriately Aggressive: Essays about Books, Corgis, and Feminism by Krista D. Ball. What it says on the tin. For anyone wondering why everyone talking about female authored books right now seems so frustrated and tired. Also great for enyone considering self-publishing. Virtue Signaling and Other Heresies by John Scalzi. Read along as Scalzi cheerfully expounds on life, books, and pissing off trolls on the internet. Read if you are interested in any of those things. The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry by Various. A very odd collection of SFF poetry written by those folks down under. Quality is admittedly... variable, but there are some gems. Year's Best This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone. On the off chance that you've been living under a rock: postmodern weird-AF F/F time-travel epistolary novella with prose more lusciously purple than Homer's wine-dark sea. Reader, this made me cry like a small child. Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh. A gay forest spirit and the idiot folklorist who loves him! Eldritch forest creatures! Lush descriptions of plants! Gentle musings on learning to love and grow again! Trees! Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. Lesbian space-necromancers with swords fight in a deadly space-necromancer competition set in a haunted gothic mansion. It is so badass. We do bones, motherfucker. A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. You'll either dig it for the intricate House of Cards political mechinations and the nuanced meditations on imperialism, or for the fact that it's AZTECS IN SPACE!! Sandman: The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano. What's better than Neil Gaiman? Neil Gaiman wedded to the otherworldly art of Yoshitaka Amano. Read it and drool. Oh, and the story is very good too. Still reading? I did this last year too; you can see the results here if you're curious. A bit of comparison below: 2018 2019 Total Books 160 150 Author Gender 36% Male, 64% Female 35% Male, 65% Female Primary (Low) Fantasy, Secondary (High) Fantasy, Scifi 45%, 39%, 16% 46%, 26%, 28% Most Read Authors Euripides (6), Martha Wells (4), CS Lewis (3) Valente (3), Hardinge (3), McGuire/Grant (3) And that's that! See anything you like? Read any of these and want to talk about them?

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