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Tuesday, 11 February 2020
Ir kaip ji viska suspeja? - by , February 03, 2020
4.4/ 5stars

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You immediately watch ir kaip ji viska suspeja? or download Here's a look on 123movies Online Free movie&ir&kaip&ji&viska&suspeja? telugu…. Good cast here, coasting in a brainless, bit of nothing movie. SJP Is working mother 'Kate' who tries to balance her increasingly demanding career with the stress of being the perfect mother to her two children and maintaining her marriage (to a very likable Greg Kinnear)
For some reason they have her character doing an ongoing voice-over throughout this movie which gives this a very (alternate universe) Sex & The City feel. Everyone involved is very likable though and its a cute, if predictable story that doesn't require any thought. (Sometimes we need that and I guess that's why they continue to make these chick-flicks.) I enjoyed Olivia Munn's character and Pierce Brosnan was a nice addition. Parker's big speech at the "climactic" ending was god awful, super cheesy and annoying. 8/4/14.

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Why would you take a book that is witty, smart, honest and funny and turn it into something so ridiculous? I spent most of the movie wondering what possessed the screenwriters to take an excellent book, throw everything out except names of characters, completely mis-cast most of the roles and produce this joke of a movie? If you enjoyed the book - the movie will completely disappoint; if you haven't read the book - there is nothing worth watching in the movie, since the way the story line and the characters have been re-written by the screenwriters make this an un-realistic, pointless, waste of time.
And the acting - as much as I adore Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City - she just cannot pull of this role; a business woman in an all-men investment firm does not fix her tights in a video conference room, does not say thank you 10 times in a row, and is generally not a ditz. A working mother is not a walking joke which is what SJP makes this character look like.

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