Discreet ultra hd 76

  1. Runtime 1Hour, 22 min
  2. Working girl Monique has always been able to give her clients exactly what they want. Thomas has always been exactly what everyone else has expected. Tonight he will demand the one thing of Monique that she's reluctant to offer: Honesty
  3. Genres Romance
  4. ratings 6 / 10 star
  5. actor Patrick Shai

Apple TV Get Soldados Búfalos

Directed by: Charles Haid

rating: 680 Votes

info: Fact based story about the all-black US Cavalry Troop H which protected the Western territories in post Civil War times. The story focuses on the troops attempts to capture an Apache warrior named Vittorio who slaughters the settlers in New Mexico. The film examines the racial tensions that existed between the black soldiers and some of the white soldiers and the truths about the Indian invaders

writer: Frank Military, Jonathan Klein

average Ratings: 6,6 / 10 star

X265 Pojken med guldbyxorna 26

  • Lukas Holgersson
  • Abstract: Pojken med guldbyxorna is a movie starring Lukas Holgersson, Olle Krantz, and Nina Sand. When Mats stumbles upon a pair of pants containing an unlimited amount of money, everything changes. Now he can buy everything he ever wanted
  • 635 votes
  • Ella Lemhagen
  • 5,8 of 10 stars